Monday, May 26, 2008

Popstars and their Charity singles

Have you ever heard of Pop Stars donating the proceeds of a single or concert to Charity?

Of course you have, it happens very year, especially at Christmas.

But do they really donate all the proceeds of these singles, and who exactly is checking up on this?

Also, if Said popstar earns 10,000 Euro from a single and donates exaclty that amount to a registered charity, then he/she may claim tax relief (in Ireland) of approximately 4,100 Euro. That is of course if they have paid sufficient tax in the current year at the higher rate...

So when a popstar says he/she is donating all the proceeds of a single to charity, is the tax rebait also considered a proceed??

Of course They dont like to talk about it mate!!

Lets make sure all this money (including the taxpayers) is going to the worthy causes///

SAm Crea


B said...

I'd say it'd depend on the band, some of them wouldn't wanna take the risk of getting caught doing this after all.

Monkey Balls said...

What about the sales generated on the rest of their stuff?
How many times have people like Annie Lennox rejuvenated their careers on the back of a charity appearance. And then if it goes well, stick out another Greatest Hits or Best Of.
-Don't buy Charity records. It only encourages them.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I'd normally agree with you but this is a funny one, if you start denying 'popstars' the tax benefit of a charitable donation they will soon stop doing it.

That's no good.

Otherwise if you tighten the rules on tax benefits for donations in general, the man on the street stops doing it.

No one wins then.
The greater good and all that jazz.

(or lesser evil maybe ;0) )

Manuel said...

hmmmmmmmmm I'll ruminate on this a while.....

Lucy said...

Ah Sam...this is a beaut. How long did it take you to figure this all out??? Good job and I agree with MB...The celeb gets a lot out of it too.