Monday, May 12, 2008

Beer Snobbery

People who is intelligent like,
They does like to sneer the people like,
For drinking the shitty beer like,
Cause it aint all hoppy and natural and shit - like,
Cause it aint got a German name like,
Erdinger and shit,
But Erdinger aint no shit like,
If you think so, then on yer bike..
Cause we is so cleverer than you,
Cause you is a heineken drinker
it dont make you no tinker!!!!

William Shakepear...


Alleged Comedian said...

I bought her tequila
For a small chance to feel her
she downed it one and just smiled

I bought more for the chance
to get into her pants
But alas my plan it was foiled

Got her back to my bed
and expecting some head
I lay there as hard as a rock

But my drunk little floozie
had become so damn woozy
that she puked up all over my cock

Manuel said...

real ale drinkers and those who quaff the German and Polish unpronounceables are massive pains in the arse.......

samcrea said...

I'll drink anything...
Love all beers, Guinness my favourite, Heineken,
Gin, brandy whiskey
I love it all

John Power: said...

I hate to be a prick, buuuutttt... beer on tap in Irish pubs generally is - in my humble opinion - bland and samey.

I have to say I do like Erdinger, very expensive though.

Whoops, I guess I'm one of those people you hate now...

But hey, I'm a student I'll drink anything.

jothemama said...

smiled and foiled? Rob really is from the northside. :)

samcrea said...


I was drinking Erdinger when I wrote that...

All clear now??

Clear as mud??

Drinking it again now...

trying to dis-associate myself from teh snobs...