Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Second hand is the third hand really..

Hello folks, I have started to list a few of the blogs that I keep an eye on on the right hand side.
If you own one of these blogs and dont want me to list it then leave a message, cause I never check that Gmail account.


Alleged Comedian said...

Your blog name has given me an idea for a poem...

Bono & Jesus
Sitting in a tree
discussing global poverty

Bono had an idea
it was somewhat vague
"I'll pay my tazes to The Hague"

Jesus questioned Bono
about his decision
"Is this about your hotel's planning permission?"

"Yeah Messiah,
The man is keeping me down
I'm Bono y'know I should own that town"

Said Jesus to Bono
"I used to heal the sick,
But not even I could make
you less of a prick"

samcrea said...

you iz a po-et,
and yez no-et!!


Manuel said...

I'm honoured......cheers...

jothemama said...

Thanks for the link Sam :)

It's not Jo the mama, though, that's me - it's actually Infantasia.

And what you have going on your side bar is called a blogroll, I'm told.

Grandad said...

Sorry I'm late catching up...

Thanks for the link! I'm honoured!!