Monday, March 31, 2008

teh, tehn, adn

Can anybody help me??

every time i type the, I get teh

then is tehn,

and is adn

Can anybody help???

Its driving me nuts....


I love to comment on other peoples blogs. I like giving opinions and making what I consider to be witty remarks from time to time. Of course the blogger and other viewers have every right to ignore my comment, or deride or disagree or whatever. Often sometimes I make comments on the spur of the moment that I disagree with later... But I do try not to offend, or bully or whatever may be deemed to be against the run of things...
And of course I understand that lots of people do break the rules, are offensive and do spam blogs.

However in this time of instant gratification and nano-second technology, do we really need 9 mins to think about our message and then an indefinite wait while our comment is under "moderation"
I mean why not give out your home address and we can send in our comments on a post card?

And as for the box with the little wavey writing... Please type what you see in the box.... Please find somebody else to comment on your blog!!

Bloggers are great, but sometimes its the commentry that really makes it... lets remove the barriers, Let the comments run free!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The crime its OK to like

I Heard about two minutes of an interview between Gerry Ryan and some scottish fraudster last night. It was a replay of the mornings show. It made me laugh, but not in a good way. Ryan was chatting and joshing, like he might with an old school chum, and generally licking the arse of this fellow. He thought this criminal was great. He stole money from banks, I think I couldnt listen to too much of it, and then took expensive holidays, flights and went on spending sprees in general. He was a "Catch Me if You Can" type of character. And all the while we were lead to believe by Ryans joshing and laughing that this guy was great. It is after all OK in the views of well off Irish people, that if we are sticking it to faceless financial institutions that it is some how OK, a bit of a lark,
Sure they can afford it, and they rip people Off all the time...

Well just so you Know Mr Ryan, I am pretty Sure that there are lots of poor young men in all the suburbs of Dublin, and from the inner city areas who believe that fat rich radio presenters are fair game too. That they can afford to be ripped off, and sure they probably ripped people off themselves...

If we are going to start thinking that fraud and crime is OK, then it has to be all OK, not just whatever suits your mood for the day.

It reminded me of when I was loaned a Book By Howard Marks back when I was in College (it was written , not loaned by Howard Marks). I read about 3 chapters before I swiftly returned it to its owner. Here was a criminal (purporting to be some robin hood figure) telling us how clever he was, and of all the many ways that he was cleverer than everybody else. No tongue in cheek, no cleverly disguised admission of how he was so clever, but barefaced outright declaration that he was the cleverest and coolest of us all. But what I drew from reading those opening chapters was that he was a drug smuggler, and a smug wanker and nothing more. And I watched all the dope kids who never read any other books reading this, and saying how great it is.

Now I am not saying I am anti drugs, or even anti Dope smuggling, I smoked and I inhaled and I choose not to anymore. I dont care if people smoke, or what they smoke but why do we have to buy into this cool crime. Crime that it s OK to joke about. Its like the drunken student stealing a Traffic cone that might seem like mad crack, and look at me with a cone on my head. I am breaking the law but, its nothing I would ever get sent to jail for, and look I am still much better than those guys in the tracksuits and nikes outside the childrens court. They are real criminals, they even look like criminals...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Charity Pop Stars

I heard part (most of) an interview between Ryan Tubridy and Annie Lennox last week on Radio 1. I think none of us could be in any doubt about the talents of Ms Lennox and her Contribution to the Music World over the past decade or two.

But like many popstars, Ms Lennox is now lending the weight of her public profile to the solving of the worlds problems. Her main target it seems is the aids epidemic of Africa, with particlular emphasis on South Africa.

So we got to hear for twenty minutes or so, about these terrible situations, how we have too much, and these people have so little, blah, blah fucking blah!


Fucking Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Fuck off pop stars.

Just fuck off.

We dont all have Too Much

We are not all millionaires.

Fuck Off!

I am sorry that you would love to tour more, but find it too exausting!

Boo, fucking hoo!

We dont all have too much, no

Lots of us are exausted daily making our livings, and still dont have too much.

I really wish you popstars would find some other ways to fill you endless days.

When was the last time Annie lennox sat in shitty traffic, or flew coach, or worried about a bill, or any of the other things that regular people worry about. Do charity work if you want, but please give us a break, and spare us the lectures..


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Book search

Walking towards the Bookshop, my hands began to get a little sweaty. I hadnt been out among the people for some time now and with a little luck I would be able to find the Book without talking to any of them.

Best Sellers, New Releases, Irish Fiction, Cookery,
Shot down every time.
I knew the cover.
I knew what I was looking for.
It had to be here.
I had to avoid the people. I circled around and had another sweep , of what I thought were, all the relevant categories.

No sign of it. I began to worry. Was this another one of my things. Was this real. Was I really supposed to be looking for this book. It was real. Hell even Monkey Balls had read it, and he assured us it was funny. OK this took too much effort, I wasnt leaving empty handed. I accosted one of the gangly young attendants.

Excuse me, I'm er, Im looking for a book now see, ah, the authors name is Twenty Major. Its an internet handle type...

Thats a strange name,

huh! Yeah. But can you search..

Hang on.. Enters Major Twenty in the author search bar. One answer returns John Major. Tries major 20. same result. tries major. same result. I try to suggest that major isnt a last name that its all one title. he types major 20. major twenty . major

0. 0. 0.

If its not here, then its not in any of easons warehouses, you crazy looking man....
hey whats wrong with your hands. the sweat is drippping off them...

But monkey balls.. he said easons Im sure of it. I mean Monkey is real isnt he.. this is all real..

OK thanks never mind. If anybody asks I was just fooling around. OK.

I mean a book written by a pack of cigarettes, WHAT, have you been smoking..