Monday, February 25, 2008

SAmbo Heaven

LOw CAlorie VErsion

For the ultimate SAmbo, you will need,

2 slices of toasted white sliced bread, preferrably JMOB. The Dubs out there will invariably opt for Brennans Shiny Yellow wrapper, but the choice of bread is a personal one, and not too important.

The first layer should be your Irish red cheddar cheese. some good brands are Charleville, Mitchelstown or Kilmeadon. Onto the cheese I like to drop a few blobs of country Relish. Now onto this You drop two strips of recently fried (preferrably hot) Bacon, with the fat trimmed - This is the Low Cal version. Atop your now slightly melted cheese and Bacon you should now place two pieces of fried Clonakilty(my preference again) Black pudding. The two slices should be slightly squashed flat on a plate to better fit your SAmbo.

Next a healthy squeeze of heinz Tomato Ketchup.

The SAmbo should be served immediatley, with hot tea.

A side serving of King, Cheese and onion Crisps is optional.

This SAmbo should only be eaten as part of a balanced, Calorie controlled Diet.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Luck Glen

Even though I know he annoyed me in the past, I hope The guy wins the oscar. I read an article in the sunday business post about him yesterday, which shed some new light on him. He is still King of the Crustys though...

Good Luck Glen



to solve this you must turn part of these repetitive prayers, know why? with our busses and trains and how they are so organised.....

Sorry for this amateurish attempt, but I am sure that any Crossite will easily have gotten it...

Anyways, I decided that after years of Simplex it was time for The Big One.. Crosaire. So for the past month I have tried to master this puzzle that bubbles brains all over Ireland daily in The Irish Times.

There is only one way to do this, and that is to have a go, keep the paper, and fill in the answers the next day. Its like homework all over again.

The most boring thing that anyone you mention Crosaire to, can say is, you have to get into his thinking, (including people who dont do the puzzle surprisingly) , but it is sort of true.

He has a couple of different ways of providing the answer, and you have to just learn the patterns. But you do have to have a good vocab as well, and sometimes the words which he gives you are rarely used terms that you never heard of, so you have to be sharp. You do also have to have a good ability to think laterally, ie not logically.

Speaking of ie, there are a number of other word construct clues he gives

About this RE
that is IE
I see IC

This is just a couple there are more, and more confusingly about this is often used to tell you to break one word and wrap it round another to create a bigger word...

It goes on and on

North and South are used to suggest N and S

1 often suggests i,

bad back means Dab in other words reversed..

And then he is just downright cryptic some times with no clues as to the word construction.

It can be rewarding though if you start to get the hang of it, but it takes work..

I would say try it today, but it takes longer than that..

Enjoy you will though


Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 good places to get a Pint in Dublin

These are 10 places I can say I have enjoyed pints,
I mean Guinness now obviously..
I am not saying they are the best but..

They are the kind of place where you can immerse yourself for an extended afternoon with out having to worry about whether there is any toilet roll in the fridge the next day...

Though as an aside for you lager swilling swine, if the guinness is good, the quality of all beers should be good..

This is in no particular order

Kehoes, South Anne St
Grogans (Castle Inn) aaahhh, em.. South King St??? -near Break for the border..
Hogans, Dame St . Used to be good though havent been in for a while.
Mc Daids, opposite street to Kehoes
O Donoghues, Baggot street (although the remodelled thing mote to look like this pub- even though its unrelated- aint bad)
Slatterys, Rathmines.
The Stags Head, Off Georges St
The Oak, Dame St.
Farringtons, Temple Bar
leeson Lounge, Leeson St

Why not try some of them out, or better still take 10 days off work, and try them all. We all know that you can not judge any pub properly unless we have gotten completely and purley drunk on their product, and their product alone.

Try them today


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank God for - Seinfeld

Or Sine-Field as Pat Kenny likes to call him...

I heard Ardal O Hanlon say in an interview once that he would love to have his own chatshow so he could interview Neil Armstrong for half an hour and not mention the moon once. Pat Kenny tried the same trick with Jerry Seinfeld on last years Toyshow, but I dont think anybody else got it. (I was in on it Pat)

anyways, having been a bit of a late developer, I came late to Seinfeld. I never saw it when it originally aired, mainly I suppose because RTE never showed it. This was probably for political and religious views expressed in the shows(there is a pro-abortion view expressed in at least a couple of episodes) although maybe I am wrong and the biggest show in the US just wasnt to the taste of Irish audiences.

Well thank God for the DVD box-set. We can now choose to watch what we want to watch. And watch I have, all 9 Series, and here are my favourite episodes

The Jacket
The Note
The Parking garage
The Red Dot
The Contest
The Outing
The non-fat yogurt
The soup Nazi
The merv Griffin Show

For a full episode listing


I cant pinpoint my favourite but its a toss up between the soup nazi and the outing, or maybe the red dot. In my humble opinion series 3 was the absolute best.

In the days of Reality television, CSI and all the other shit on TV I say,

Thank god for the DVD boxset, Thank God for Seinfeld.