Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm going to hell, of that there is no doubt..

When I finally get there, it will be a large shopping center with myriad escalators and levels,
and all the shops I will need will be on the other level, and there will be those map things, which I will only ever be able to spot when they are on a different level. And I'll spend eternity going up and down escalators, trying to either get to a shop I want, or trying to get to one of those map thingies which will invariably send me in the wrong direction, when I mis-interpret the "You are Here" as "where the man near you who is facing in the opposite direction" is.. There will probably be kids in tow as well, I mean we are talking Hell here, so I suppose 2 or 3 little brats nipping at your heels like 2 little jack russells pleading to be carried and fed, and everybody suffering from chronic tiredness, and all you want to do is get out to the car and drive, but then you'll forget where you parked and when you finally do get back to the car you get lost in a maze of roundabouts, and you begin to wish you had lived a better life and you could be drinking tea in heaven now with the good people like Dana and Daniel.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Meeting

RMN What the Hell is going on over there? Where did they all go?

TM Its gone very quiet sir, especially since the old Sea-Dog disappeared from the radar. no pun intended sir.

RMN and that God-Damned dope-Fiend Monkey?

TM He's been -ahem, gone for a while now sir.
Yes sir, he's been taken care of..

RMN Well explain to me then what in the name of all that is mighty is going on over there?

TM Well it seems that some of them have been returning to their blogs sir,
` sir, some of them have been linking directly..

RMN What the hell kind of outfit are you runnning over there? Have some SS guys go over and burn these god-damned
Blogs to the Ground! And if they start up again, Drag them from their beds into the streets in front of their
homes, strip them naked and beat them like dogs until they comply!

Now, is there anything esle i should know?

TM Well, its Crea sir, intel indicates he's been reading Thompson again. He's been seen pacing the sidewalk
outside his home at 4am jabbering into a cell-phone about the need for editing and something about

RMN Have you-know-who take care of him.

TM Sir, your not recording this conversation are you?
How would the transcripts look?

RMN Exactly like this Pig-Fucker!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gangs of New York

I just re-watched this and have to say it is great.
I remember not liking it at the time, but its worth a re-view,
Day Lewis is at his best, and there are some great gory battle scenes,
and of course we Irish love being mentioned in any Film..
See can you spot Marty Scorcese's Cameo..

Monday, January 12, 2009

where have I been?

Isnt it funny how all the lazy, half arsed bloggers who sniffed around the blog, all stopped blogging at around the same time. Namely when the forum started up, and suddenly 3 lines was a long offering and their own blogs just became too much work, and hardly anybody read them anyway, and now by using The Majors name on his forum they could post and get lots of comments..

or was it just me..