Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have I asked you this before?

Have you ever had a case of delayed dejavu? It occurs usually the day after an event, or maybe after several hours. You think back and feel like it had happened to you before. Or if you met a person for the first time, and you think later on that you had met that person before. Normally dejavu is associated with instantaneousness. It occurs right as the incident is happening. Its inexplicable often, and usually hard to pin down exactly how you feel its happened before. Its often hard to pin down what aspect of the event feels as though has happened before. Its just a flash in your brain. But the experience I am trying to pin down is a delyed version of this. I think it could be a new type of madness. Maybe someone will write a book about me and even call the syndrome after me. I'm not sure but I keep meeting new people and the next day I am sure I have met them before. Now we dont need any smart Alec's pointing out that when I am thinking on a Monday about someone I met on the sunday before, that I had met them before that i had indeed met them before. The previous day. It was Sunday. Thats not what I mean and you know it. I mean I feel like I met them somewhere before Sunday. And no I dont mean maybe it was Saturday sure you were at Mass on Sunday and then you went to your parents for tea and went home to bed and didnt meet anybody, it must have been Saturday. (or as Matt Cooper would say sah-er-day) I dont think I'm explaining this very well, and its nearly time for my pills, so i'll leave it to you. Maybe you can explain it to me, I await links...


If you are a mental health professional and recognize actual symptons of a real mental problem here, please keep it to yourself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

May I be the first to say..

With all the Doom and Gloom that is going on, and the fear that is being struck in our hearts about how we are all to loose our jobs, and become destitute, and all the revelations about what a crowd of shysters are in charge of this country and the total lack of regard they have for us , may I be the first to say, that at least..

There is a great stretch in the evenings!