Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Are there any Hitlers out there? I mean people with the surname hitler. Have all the hitlers that ever existed become extinct? I'd imagine it could be a bit of a mood killer on a second date..

"So whats your surname?"

"ah, em well, I meant to change it, but actually.."

I dont think there would be a third date.

When you google hitler, you get a million or so sites about the German Nazi leader, and all that he did. However there are no Hitler hotels, no Hitler autopart dealers, There are no Hitler and Hitler Solicitors or Financial advisors. It seems they have all gone, they are extinct.

Where have all the Hitlers gone...

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Manuel said...

Didn't one of his nieces or cousins or something like that live here? somewhere down south......I'm sure of it.....then again I was sure betamax was the future so what do I know......