Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tesco Marketing Genuis!

So there I was, scanning through a Glossy advertisement magazine which had been inserted in my paper by the Boffins over at Tesco.
They had a most interesting offer;
Free with every ipod purchased : 2 free Cd's.
I read it twice to make sure I wasnt mistaken, and yes they had a picture of the 2 CD's which you would receive,
on purchasing this electronic music file player,
Just in case you werent sure what a great deal you were getting.

So I was wondering what great Deals I could expect from everybody's favourite Retailer in the future.

Free ream of paper with every Blackberry Purchased?

Free push-bike with every motor cycle purchased here!

Free 'Set of Cans and lenght of string' with every mobile telephone purchased?

I hear next month they will be offering a Free gramophone player with every ipod sold, but thats only after they run out of CD's..

Maybe I could get a job over at Tesco Marketing..


B said...

I bet they only allow you choose from their huge amount of 3 disc meat loaf/golden earring/jimi hendrix compilations.

samcrea said...

no it was radiohead, in rainbows and alannis morrisette if I remember correctly.

morgor said...

how about "buy one normal beer and get a free non-alcoholic beer".

samcrea said...

free packet of cigarettes with every purchase of Nicotine patches...

Puerile Pish said...

I am hoping your spelling in the title was ironic, had to get that in because you can be a right pedantic fucker sometimes.

B said...

who is this person that likes both radiohead and alanis morrisette?

Anonymous said...

Next week - Free batteries with every solar powered radio?