Monday, July 28, 2008

SAm crea - Romantic Notions.....

I have just been reading twenty majors' Blog about carefree summers of youth.
twenty Major
It brought me back to being a young lad too, where summer holidays meant shorts and t-shirt, dusk till dawn.

Friends were always close by, and play dates weren't organized, they were spontaneous and daily.
You had your haunts, and you had your friends, and little else. There was no money, no fancy bikes or gadgets. There were bikes though, when your brother grew out of his old one. Fancy day trips were a rarity, and nobody was afraid.

Sure you were warned not to talk to strangers, but you were allowed out to play and so were your pals. There were no bouncy castles or professional entertainment at birthday partys. Just lots of kids and sweets, and that was all you needed to have a great day.

A day trip to the beach meant preparing sandwiches, not stopping off at spar, and certainly not going to Mc Donalds.

I am not trying to sound too romantic , we are better off now in a lot of ways than we were then (I'm talking about being a kid in the 80's). People have more comforts, better jobs and more money. But I am afraid that we are losing site of the most precious commodity of all, Time.
We are spending more time going to work, and getting there, more time doing all these other activities and forgetting about the simple things.

We need to just sit on the front wall, with our kids playing in the garden, and just shoot the breeze.
No barbeques or gazeebos, just your family and your neighbours next door doing the same, and all the kids mingling like they used to. No texts about what time they will be collected,

just kids playing,

And adults sitting, and chatting, and enjoying the weather.

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