Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank God for - Seinfeld

Or Sine-Field as Pat Kenny likes to call him...

I heard Ardal O Hanlon say in an interview once that he would love to have his own chatshow so he could interview Neil Armstrong for half an hour and not mention the moon once. Pat Kenny tried the same trick with Jerry Seinfeld on last years Toyshow, but I dont think anybody else got it. (I was in on it Pat)

anyways, having been a bit of a late developer, I came late to Seinfeld. I never saw it when it originally aired, mainly I suppose because RTE never showed it. This was probably for political and religious views expressed in the shows(there is a pro-abortion view expressed in at least a couple of episodes) although maybe I am wrong and the biggest show in the US just wasnt to the taste of Irish audiences.

Well thank God for the DVD box-set. We can now choose to watch what we want to watch. And watch I have, all 9 Series, and here are my favourite episodes

The Jacket
The Note
The Parking garage
The Red Dot
The Contest
The Outing
The non-fat yogurt
The soup Nazi
The merv Griffin Show

For a full episode listing


I cant pinpoint my favourite but its a toss up between the soup nazi and the outing, or maybe the red dot. In my humble opinion series 3 was the absolute best.

In the days of Reality television, CSI and all the other shit on TV I say,

Thank god for the DVD boxset, Thank God for Seinfeld.


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