Monday, February 18, 2008


to solve this you must turn part of these repetitive prayers, know why? with our busses and trains and how they are so organised.....

Sorry for this amateurish attempt, but I am sure that any Crossite will easily have gotten it...

Anyways, I decided that after years of Simplex it was time for The Big One.. Crosaire. So for the past month I have tried to master this puzzle that bubbles brains all over Ireland daily in The Irish Times.

There is only one way to do this, and that is to have a go, keep the paper, and fill in the answers the next day. Its like homework all over again.

The most boring thing that anyone you mention Crosaire to, can say is, you have to get into his thinking, (including people who dont do the puzzle surprisingly) , but it is sort of true.

He has a couple of different ways of providing the answer, and you have to just learn the patterns. But you do have to have a good vocab as well, and sometimes the words which he gives you are rarely used terms that you never heard of, so you have to be sharp. You do also have to have a good ability to think laterally, ie not logically.

Speaking of ie, there are a number of other word construct clues he gives

About this RE
that is IE
I see IC

This is just a couple there are more, and more confusingly about this is often used to tell you to break one word and wrap it round another to create a bigger word...

It goes on and on

North and South are used to suggest N and S

1 often suggests i,

bad back means Dab in other words reversed..

And then he is just downright cryptic some times with no clues as to the word construction.

It can be rewarding though if you start to get the hang of it, but it takes work..

I would say try it today, but it takes longer than that..

Enjoy you will though


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