Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 good places to get a Pint in Dublin

These are 10 places I can say I have enjoyed pints,
I mean Guinness now obviously..
I am not saying they are the best but..

They are the kind of place where you can immerse yourself for an extended afternoon with out having to worry about whether there is any toilet roll in the fridge the next day...

Though as an aside for you lager swilling swine, if the guinness is good, the quality of all beers should be good..

This is in no particular order

Kehoes, South Anne St
Grogans (Castle Inn) aaahhh, em.. South King St??? -near Break for the border..
Hogans, Dame St . Used to be good though havent been in for a while.
Mc Daids, opposite street to Kehoes
O Donoghues, Baggot street (although the remodelled thing mote to look like this pub- even though its unrelated- aint bad)
Slatterys, Rathmines.
The Stags Head, Off Georges St
The Oak, Dame St.
Farringtons, Temple Bar
leeson Lounge, Leeson St

Why not try some of them out, or better still take 10 days off work, and try them all. We all know that you can not judge any pub properly unless we have gotten completely and purley drunk on their product, and their product alone.

Try them today



Medbh said...

Sam, I've enjoyed 5 out of 10 on your list.

Govstooge said...

The Oak...damn right, there's a deadly pint in there. Excellent choice.