Monday, February 25, 2008

SAmbo Heaven

LOw CAlorie VErsion

For the ultimate SAmbo, you will need,

2 slices of toasted white sliced bread, preferrably JMOB. The Dubs out there will invariably opt for Brennans Shiny Yellow wrapper, but the choice of bread is a personal one, and not too important.

The first layer should be your Irish red cheddar cheese. some good brands are Charleville, Mitchelstown or Kilmeadon. Onto the cheese I like to drop a few blobs of country Relish. Now onto this You drop two strips of recently fried (preferrably hot) Bacon, with the fat trimmed - This is the Low Cal version. Atop your now slightly melted cheese and Bacon you should now place two pieces of fried Clonakilty(my preference again) Black pudding. The two slices should be slightly squashed flat on a plate to better fit your SAmbo.

Next a healthy squeeze of heinz Tomato Ketchup.

The SAmbo should be served immediatley, with hot tea.

A side serving of King, Cheese and onion Crisps is optional.

This SAmbo should only be eaten as part of a balanced, Calorie controlled Diet.


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