Wednesday, June 3, 2009

whats ahead? Terminators!

I have taken to enjoying Film anticipation recently. I find it is more enjoyable anticipating a film than actually seeing it. In fact most films turn out to be shit. The only film I truly enjoyed recently(i'm talking couple of years), that was meant for me, was "No country for old men" and it didnt really stand up to re-viewing on DVD. "There will be blood" was goodish but too long and Day Lewis lost the plot in the closing scenes. "The dark Knight" was watchable but over hyped and in my opinion a very average film that strived to me more. And wasnt.

The movie I am anticipating this week is "Terminator Salvation". I am afraid to see it. I am a Terminator Fan, and can even grudgingly watch the third one, cause my son loves it. I have it built up in my head to be great for some reason and the trailers I have seen have me prepared for a great film. But the reviews are luke-warm and I am afraid to knock this "great" movie from its pedestal in my mind.

My son who is almost four thinks I am bringing him to see it, but his mother has said definitely
NO, and who am I to argue. Its just its advertised on every bus in Dublin and he spots every one.
do you know that tune, I am humming it right now...

de-de, de-de-de, de-de-de- de-de DE DE!

There may be trouble Ahead!

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B said...

McG isn't it?

Which means loadsa fun explosions and nothing else, apart from a hugely anticlimatic ending.