Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a simplistic view of the Irish economy

Look, two years ago you were buying brand new cars that had about 5 to 10 grand worth of VRT lumped on top of them. If your not going to buy those cars anymore then they (the government) are going to have to get the aforementioned 5 to 10 grand from you some other way, namely via the good old income tax system. Its very simple; if you dont want to pay them the money the fun way, by buying stuff and donating tax that way, then they are going to have to take it directly from your pay packet. Its very, very simple. They need X amount of cash to run the country and we will give it to them the easy way or the hard way. It is that simple.

Now spend for gods sake and lets get ourselves out of this. We are not a master of industry type country. We buy stuff, and it gets taxed. We make stuff invented in other countries and benefit with the jobs and a minute slice of their tax take. If you can come up with a new way of running the country then it had better involve some new indigenous natural resource that we havent found yet to exploit. We are a nation of contractors. Its what we are good at, so lets get back to it and stop all this fucking whinging because nobody is going to pay us to whinge.

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stipes said...

If we nationalised catholicism, do you think the vatican would bail us out?