Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its just meant to be fun you know...

OK, so I saw the New Terminator Film. And yes I took the Wee-Lad, and he loved it.
It is chock full of great special effects and some wonderful action scenes that distract you expertly from the lack of any real story line. But then when it is full of cool robots and flying machines and robot motorcycles, who needs to worry about questions concerning the space-time-continuum?

If you are going to start asking questions of a movie about its adherence to the laws of physics then you are probably better off avoiding most films that depend on special effects guys to entertain you.

Maybe you should see a nice serious film where all the players have been nominated by illustrious academies for their work. Christian Bale wont be one of them.

Its fun and a bit gritty, and you just shouldn't ask how highly advanced computer assassin robots take swiping blows at the central protagonist so to knock him over a bit instead of aiming a single deadly blow to begin with.

And you know before you go in that they cant possibly finish the story, I mean end a franchise? Is it mad you are?
(they cant go down the whole 'Prequel' route because that would just mess with our heads too much..)

Go on, suspend your disbelief. you may find you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.



Xbox4NappyRash said...

Is it similar to the original(s)?

That's my only worry.

samcrea said...

Its set in the future. If your not a Terminator fan, I wouldnt bother. Good Action though..

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Well, yeah.

I enjoyed 1 & 2.