Monday, March 22, 2010

back to CDs for me..

So what was so wrong with CDs? You could listen to them anywhere. In your car, out jogging, on a bus, in your home...anywhere. They were limitless.
OK, so now you can carry around the equivalent of 300 Cds in a box the size of a cigarette packet. You can have 298 CDs that you will never listen to, and the two that you bought this week. Hell, I can carry 2 CDs if need be. I only listen to CDs in my car and that has a boot that would definitley take 300 CDs if I wanted to always have 'Now 6' at my fingertips...

When you upgraded from an old version of windows to a newer version of windows, your CD's stayed the same. They still sat there in their little cases stacked neatly and tidily in racks. They didnt suddenly disappear. You didn't suddenly have to start searching through endless folders looking for music that you had actually bought legitimately. In fact you could throw your computer out the window, listen to it smash into a million pieces below, remove a cd from its cover and place it in your player and listen to your hearts content. You could also realize that the former action where initially satisfying may lead to some consternation at a later date.

I have made a concious decision today. No more of my money will itunes be getting.
The bastards. Download once and fuck off! Dont come back pestering us. We dont care if you gave us 9.99 for 'sigh no more' last week. You should have backed up!

I might start buying CDs again, though I think you can only get Susan Boyle now. But I supposed I could get used to her.
Then I suppose, I could start backing...

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Christy said...

I hope CDs don't die out. I've an ipod I use for nearly all my listening but not much on there came from itunes. Itunes can't replace the proper browsing in a shop, bringing your purchase home excitedly, reading the booklet while you load it etc. And I've had both itunes and an ipod die so I was glad of the CDs. Yes, back up back up - but I probably wouldn't and it's not the same.