Monday, December 14, 2009

to make a complaint about Susan boyle's hideousness press 7 now..

So are people complaining more nowadays because they are more conservative or is it just easier to complain, and therefore just developing into a lazy bunch of bitches?

When Jonaton Ross and the so-called comedian fellow made fun of Manuel on the phone, there were *3.5 million complaints to the BBC. Yet there were probably *no compaints when he was taking the piss out of spicks by playing an idiotic waiter in a comedy show *20 years ago.

But now you can zip off a badly-spelt email in a matter of minutes and have it sent in the time it takes to fire up i-tunes to buy the latest single that Simon Cowel has said you should buy..

I mean if you were to go looking for a pen and paper, and actually write it and then find an envelope... and then actually walk to the post office and buy a stamp and actually post it...
Well, no wonder they got away with all that racism and shit before the internet and email came

*Figures may not be accurate, because I haven't researched them

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Toronto Icarus said...

A dark side to the internet? I don't believe it myself.

Still its handy when Daily mail scum fire off a racist/bigoted rant. If only to piss them off.