Monday, November 2, 2009


Whats Pissing me off at the moment?

Bill cullen on the television with his band of brainless cretins...(but I have to watch)

the red 'X' seemingly burning itself onto my retinas all weekend long no matter what channel I flick to and no matter what time. I concede that its simple entertainment for simple people but why do the rest of us have to suffer so much of it? And I hope the mad twins with the hair win, because they are from Dublin, but I just hope its all over soon...

Bill Cullen on the radio, this morning talking about who should or should not strike. What business is it of his? He is a millionaire and isnt qualified to comment on what ordinary working people should be doing. (unless of course its buying shitty Renault cars)

People giving oxygen to that knacker from BallyFermot who is pissing on about apparitions of some Bird down in Mayo? Who gives a fuck? Don't be filling our column inches with such Garbage..

The God-damned rain, and the fucking darkness...

And the cold...

And as for that Ginger-minged eco-warrior David Mcwilliams I just wish that some hole would open up and swallow the fucking annoying, coin phrasing, know-all little prick.

Thats all for this morning, I need to refill my coffee pot..

Sam C

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