Monday, May 18, 2009

Kit kat now.

How about a moratorium?
All bloggers should have to refrain from political commentary for an agreed period.
They could all temporarily become foodies, travel writers or maybe dolphin spotters.
Look, come up with something.
Stop reminding us about what a shower of scally-wags the majority of politicans are.
We know what they are. We know about their expenses. We know about their short-comings and most importantly we know that its the constant bleating in the papers about it that keeps them somewhat in-check.
But look, for about two-weeks can we have some Jam recipes or something? maybe some carefully written articles on where you like to spend your weekends, or you could post those first two pages that you have written of your best-seller!

Do it.

It really doesn't matter who wins the local elections.

It really doesnt.

Give us sunshine.

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B said...

It's a lot easier to do the old current affairs though.