Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recession depression makes me smile..

I havent heard anyone talking about the value of their house this year. Or indeed what one (slightly bigger, and with a conservatory) 'went for' just around the corner. Not that they'd dream of selling of course, the neighbours are all fabulous....

And nobody has asked me for ages when I am going to get a real job, because it is suddenly acceptable to just have a job, and not some far reaching world-dominating aspirations, that we all seemed to have before.
This recession is great fun.
Fuck it, kick back with a can of cheap lager and enjoy the ride.

And to Anne-Marie H in the Irish times bitching about the price of drink, have you been to the cinema in Dublin recently? Or to dinner in any of its restaurants? or fucking bowling? Show me anything that isnt over-priced in Dublin. Maybe you could start a blog or regular column in the IT dedicated to forms of entertainment that cost too much in Dublin. You'd never run out of material. Next week, Anne Marie discovers Irish Concert prices are a fucking rip-off! And you can still get tickets for the third U2 concert a week after launch, who said a recession couldnt make you smile.

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morgor said...

hehe, damn straight.

I still don't understand why anyone would want to live in dublin anyway.