Monday, March 3, 2008

Charity Pop Stars

I heard part (most of) an interview between Ryan Tubridy and Annie Lennox last week on Radio 1. I think none of us could be in any doubt about the talents of Ms Lennox and her Contribution to the Music World over the past decade or two.

But like many popstars, Ms Lennox is now lending the weight of her public profile to the solving of the worlds problems. Her main target it seems is the aids epidemic of Africa, with particlular emphasis on South Africa.

So we got to hear for twenty minutes or so, about these terrible situations, how we have too much, and these people have so little, blah, blah fucking blah!


Fucking Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Fuck off pop stars.

Just fuck off.

We dont all have Too Much

We are not all millionaires.

Fuck Off!

I am sorry that you would love to tour more, but find it too exausting!

Boo, fucking hoo!

We dont all have too much, no

Lots of us are exausted daily making our livings, and still dont have too much.

I really wish you popstars would find some other ways to fill you endless days.

When was the last time Annie lennox sat in shitty traffic, or flew coach, or worried about a bill, or any of the other things that regular people worry about. Do charity work if you want, but please give us a break, and spare us the lectures..


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