Monday, March 31, 2008


I love to comment on other peoples blogs. I like giving opinions and making what I consider to be witty remarks from time to time. Of course the blogger and other viewers have every right to ignore my comment, or deride or disagree or whatever. Often sometimes I make comments on the spur of the moment that I disagree with later... But I do try not to offend, or bully or whatever may be deemed to be against the run of things...
And of course I understand that lots of people do break the rules, are offensive and do spam blogs.

However in this time of instant gratification and nano-second technology, do we really need 9 mins to think about our message and then an indefinite wait while our comment is under "moderation"
I mean why not give out your home address and we can send in our comments on a post card?

And as for the box with the little wavey writing... Please type what you see in the box.... Please find somebody else to comment on your blog!!

Bloggers are great, but sometimes its the commentry that really makes it... lets remove the barriers, Let the comments run free!!!


Grandad said...

Hah! I fully agree.

BUT... Are you aware that only people with Google accounts can comment here? Luckily I had a spare one lying around, but I'm not sure what it does.

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