Monday, February 8, 2010

From Pixmania

Dear Mr Crea

Following your request to cancell your order, we register your cancellation but mean time it has been dispatched from our warehouse and given to DHL

This is what Pixmania had said to me. Now in fairness to them I had phoned to cancel the order a whole 10 minutes after I had placed it. Well, I hadnt phoned to cancel it, I had phoned to add to the order and the nice and helpful Indian sounding man on the other end told me the best thing to do would be to cancel my existing order and make a new order. Right I said, cancel it and I'll just re-order it plus the other item which I wanted.

But being the cynic that I am, and with my past experiences of helpful sounding people in distant lands on the ends of telephone lines... I waited. I did not place the new order, and this morning this email was waiting in my inbox. Well I am not going to post the whole email, the most important line which opened the email is posted above in italics.

So if you ever feel that what you have discussed with a representative of a company sounds great, but you have a feeling in your stomach that it wont work out and that if you do decide to go ahead and re-order your item plus the additional item then you will in fact end up with two of your original items because you are a bit cynical...
Well there is probably a reason for your cynicism, its called experience... They are all idiots and you are better just to get your order right the first time because they dont do anything complicated...

Think before you click!

I need to lie down..


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bendersbetterbrother said...

Pixmania. They sent me an MP3 player that had a damaged case out of the box. I had to send it back and wait while they sent it back to the manufacturers. They refused to examine it themselves. Meanwhile they had the use of my money. They didn't deliver it when they said they would and their customer services phone line was diverted through to a first language French person in France who couldn't give a toss about UK consumer rights.
When I eventually got it sorted out I vowed never to order anything from them again. I still haven't and won't.
Googling Pixmania and complaint produces some interesting results.