Saturday, August 1, 2009

Learn from the Rain Man Uncle Sam!

Gary McKinnon a man from the UK who suffers from Aspergers syndrome, a form of Autism, is to be extradited to the US for hacking the US military. It seems the man was something of a UFO nut and wanted to find out what the US knew about extra terrestrial life. He hacked a number of Top US military Navy and army sites, and now they want him, and they are going to punish him..

Fuck that. Surely they should be sending a private jet for the guy to come over and tell their so-called technology-security people what they are doing wrong and how they can avoid being infiltrated by genuinely threatening people. Fuck it, give the guy some Khaki pants, a lamenated ID card that he can wear at waist level and a leather laptop bag... make him head of US military something or other.. But dont punish the guy..
I'm not saying he is innocent, and the yanks are claiming he left their sytems open to other intruders, but surely they need to use this as a learning experience.

I say give this guy a break. Dont lock him up. Lock up the fuckers who built a vulnerable security system, or better still fire their asses. Hire this Rain man guy, and on the weekends he'll count cards for them in Vegas so they can get back the 700k he supposedly cost the US.

He highlighted a vulnerability, in my mind he may have saved them money or maybe more..

Give this guy a break...

Sam C

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